On the day of the inauguration of the new American embassy in Jerusalem, Beitar decided to include ‘Trump’ in its name as a tribute to the president of the United States

A transfer that continues to cause discussion, a decision that has divided the entire political world, surprised by the choice of Donald Trump to take the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. A move that risks igniting the Middle East 6 months after the official recognition by the US of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, another event that has sparked controversy and reprisals. On the day of the official inauguration of the new headquarters of the American embassy, ​​the Beitar Jerusalem decided to honor the President of the United States by adding his last name to the company name, which will become Beitar Trump Jerusalem.

The club statement

To confirm the news is the board of Beitar Jerusalem, which issued this official statement: “The president of the club, the owner Eli Tabib and the executive manager Eli Ohana have decided to add the name of the American President for the ability found in doing history, changing the denomination in Beitar Trump Jerusalem.  A surprising decision that, however, it may not materialize because of some obstacles that the Israeli club must overcome. First of all, we need the approval of the Israeli Football Association to change the name of a club, a process far from simple to be carried out in port. Secondly, Donald Trump is a trademark registered in Israel since 2008, so it will be necessary to understand if the Beitar Jerusalem can use it without having to pay any penalty.

The history of the Beitar

Founded in 1936, Beitar Jerusalem has always had a strong political connotation, having been born as a sporting expression of the Zionist revisionist party. The fans of the team have always shown conservative and extremist positions, never hiding their racist connotation. Often during the Beitar competitions, choruses are heard coming from the Beitar supporters sector, which is racist, in particular as an anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian function. A rather particular company, it has succeeded in its history also to become one of the most titled clubs in the country, having won six national championships and seven cups of Israel.


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