Other than the Magi, who also from those parts, in the Promised Land , are at home, with their precious, but concrete gifts: gold, incense and myrrh. The United States of Donald Trump have a wealth of endless tributes to their friends in the Middle East , the ‘Saudi Arabia and Israel weapons to Riyadh for over one hundred billion dollars; the break with UNESCO ; the exit from the nuclear agreement with Iran ; now the inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem – the decision dates back to December.

The Saudi and Israeli lobbies in Washington can be met: almost no month passes without the tycoon’s administration making them welcome. A slap, without even having to give pawns in the field, because peace and security of others are not valuable values ​​at home Trump.
With the transfer of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Trump is pursuing a Middle Eastern policy that does not follow the comet, but has a double self-referential star: keep the promises made in the election campaign, as contrary to the interests of America’s security and peace may be, and dismantle any legacy of its predecessor Barack Obama .

All this by treating the foreign policy as a family affair : to represent the United States at today’s inauguration, there is not the secretary of state or the vice-president , but the daughter of the magnate Ivanka and the personal advisor for the Middle East Jared Kushner , who is then the son-in-law, Ivanka’s husband: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed them praising the “historic and courageous” decision of his father and father-in-law.

With Ivanka and Jared, there were Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin , Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan and a dozen congressmen, but no one paid any attention to them. It is no coincidence that the inauguration coincides with the anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli control, in the war of 1967 , and with the Palestinian memory of the  Nakba,   the ‘catastrophe’ of the birth of Israel.

It is not only the clashes and protests at the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip and the West Bank , as well as throughout the Arab and Muslim world, which were obvious, even if 37 dead and 1600 injured – partial balance and fatally destined to rise in the next hours – are a very high cost , for a whim without any positive impact.

The chorus of the expressions of dissent and reserve is also striking: Turkey , the country of NATO , denounces a violation of international law; Iran perceives an increase in tension ; Japan expresses fears about the impact of the gesture; the Arab League asks the world to intervene; and al Qaida finds voice to call Muslims to Jihad .

The president tweets: “A great day for Israel”. But the European Union does not share the move, which many diplomats deem “not useful or necessary”, just like the exit from the nuclear agreement with Iran, and in fact risks and accidents . Even if, in the list of 33 countries that accepted the invitation to the inaugural ceremony, spread by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, there are four (out of 28 ) of the EU: Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Romania. Approximately 800 invitations to the event were held: 86 were for diplomats, 33 accepted.
The line of the EU, reaffirmed on several occasions, is that a solution to the Palestinian questionit is the creation of two states, Israeland Palestine , who live in peace among themselves and each one safe within their own frontiers, sharing Jerusalem as Capital: a line incompatible, therefore, with the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is enough.
The European crunches on Jerusalem capital are a bad omen for the European estate on Iran and the maintenance of the nuclear agreement with Tehran . But at least the EU’s leaders seem to have all understood that Trump does not listen and does not make pacts: between the EU and the US, it is the time of confrontation, without blandishments.

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