The professor feels bad at home, the students worry and after 48 hours go to look for it finding it agonizing. They take her to the hospital and they save her. The newspaper Metropolis writes, on newsstands today that tells the story of a 50-year-old teacher of the Cesaro Institute of Torre Annunziata (Naples). There is a special bond between the teacher, who is disabled due to motor problems, and the students. His absence, without warning and of some days, had alarmed the boys.
After all, she never missed school. Even when it snowed. So, at a certain point, the students decided to go to the teacher’s home by moving several kilometers, from Torre Annunziata, where they live, to Vico Equense, on the Sorrento coast, where the teacher lives. Not receiving an answer to the intercom, the boys decided to call the carabinieri. The break in the house made it possible to discover that the woman was on the ground, unconscious because of illness, and could not move. Immediate rescue and transfer to the hospital. Fortunately, the worst has passed and she has returned home. A story that tells of a story of love for culture and respect for teachers: “His lessons are stories in which he presents us every day a different character,

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