Two people, a woman and her son, died last night in their home, in via Riva Foscolo, in Grado (Gorizia), killed by the smoke of the fire that destroyed their home. The victims are Elida Iussa, 87 and her son Roberto Corbatto, 51. The alarm went off around midnight when the neighbors noticed flames coming out of the apartment, located on the top floor, occupied by the two. When the firefighters of the provincial command of Gorizia managed to extinguish the fire, they noticed the two bodies lying in their beds: they would die because of the smoke, which suffocated them. It seems that the flames were released in the living room, perhaps due to accidental causes such as a short circuit or a cigarette butt left on. The Public Prosecutor of Gorizia authorized the removal of the bodies. The autopsy may be arranged. We proceed to an accidental event but only the technical investigations prepared will allow us to shed light on each other.

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