Snapchat surrenders to the wishes of users. The very popular chat among the youngest – and often copied from the applications of the Facebook ecosystem – is returning to its old design, after the mounting of protests that followed the changes made last November. The discontent had even resulted in a petition on the platform, which is currently signed by 1.26 million people.

Snapchat has announced that most iPhone users are receiving an update that restores some of the old features of the app. The snaps and chats will be back in chronological order, and the Stories will return to the right side of the screen. The messages and the Stories of the friends will remain however separated from the public contents of media and creatives. The update will then be made available to Android devices.

The turnabout had been announced in February, when Snapchat had posted a post addressed to users to reassure them that he had heard the protests and that he would have put the hand back to the app.

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