The polls on Instagram are enriched with a new tool. The social images have in fact announced the stickers with the sliding emoji: a system that allows you to express your opinion on a scale of appreciation, showing the level of agreement or appreciation on a given theme.

The stickers place the emoji on a horizontal bar that works similarly, for example, to the volume bar. The small drawing acts as a cursor, and can be moved left or right to express one’s thought between a minimum and a maximum.

“Sliding emojis stickers let you ask questions with more nuances when you want to find out what your friends think of something,” explains Instagram on his blog. Examples range from “How hot is an artist’s new single?” to “How spicy is this food?”.

The sticker can be selected from the stickers area and placed on a photo or video of a story. The user must then write down the question and choose the most appropriate emoji for what you are asking.

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